All Ability Cycling continues to grow

At the West Lothian Bike Library, one of our core services is the loan of adaptive bikes to support all ability cycling. These specialist bikes can be used by people who have additional mobility needs.

Our fleet continues to expand thanks to funding from Cycling Scotland. You can read about it in this article at bikebiz – thanks for the coverage, we appreciate it!

As always, Get in touch if you’d like to enquire about loaning any of our adaptive bikes.

Free family cycling training

West Lothian Bike Library is delighted to be taking part in Cycling Scotland’s free family cycling sessions.

The sessions are for families who wish to cycle together with more confidence – they are designed to provide parents/guardians with the skills and confidence to cycle together safely as a group and the whole family is encouraged to attend.  The module lasts 2.5 hours and is tailored to meet the needs of the family.

Register your place at the Cycling Scotland website – there are a limited number of spaces available until June, so book today! Head to

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Cycling, coffee and cargo bikes!

Cyclists’ love of coffee is well known. West Lothian Bike Library were delighted to provide Castaway Coffee in Livingston Village with a bike stand as it has fast become a favourite with walkers and people on bikes.

What’s more, the stand was transported sustainably on our new cargo bike and trailer.

The cafe also stocks Spokes West Lothian & Livingston Cycle Maps if you need some more walking and cycling inspiration!

Community groups are welcome to enquire about loan of our cargo bike, which was funded by SEStran. As always, get in touch!

And the (bike) bells are ringing out…..

We continue to be as busy as ever at the West Lothian Bike Library, and our minds are turning to Christmas! Thanks to the fantastic generosity of a member of the public, we have a brand new bike to give away to a deserving youngster this Christmas.

This Cannondale Kids Cujo 20inch bike is suitable for ages 5 to 8 (boy or girl). The traction and comfort of its big plus-size tires and its light, agile feel make the Cujo 20 the best way to learn trail riding skills with fewer spills.

We invite you to make a nomination for a worthy recipient. Tell us by email:

  • the name & age of the child, contact details of parent or guardian (or referrer/nomination source if relevant)
  • why you are nominating this child for the bike (the important bit)
  • and for fun, what you think this child might say if they got a bike from Santa!

Please send your nominations to Entries close 30th November, and nominations will judged by Councillor Kirsteen Sullivan and Helen McCafferty, Board Member of the West Lothian Bike Library.

You can find more details of the bike here. Get your nominations in, with bells on!

Scotland cycle repair scheme – UPDATE


We have had 120 bikes booked in as part of the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme in just over 3 days since it launched on 3rd August. We’re now going to work our way through these bike repairs with our small team. Sadly we can’t accept any more bookings at the moment. Thanks to everyone for your support!


The West Lothian Bike Library is delighted to be participating in the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme. You can get £50 off bike repairs with the scheme, one per person. No need for a voucher, the money comes off your repair bill at participating bike outlets.

The scheme is aimed at helping people who might not be able to afford bike repairs normally. Hopefully it will help more people to get back on their bikes and reap the benefits of fresh air, exercise and an affordable way to travel!

Contact us by email to book your bike in, details here. Bookings subject to availability.

Key worker impacts and our ‘not-so-new’ normal

The upsurge in cycling during the Covid-19 lockdown is well-documented across the UK. At the West Lothian Bike Library, we’ve seen a surge in enquiries about cycling and accessing bikes – particularly from people needing to get to work with public transport reduced. In total we provided 47 free bike hires which are still out and performed 15 services/repairs.

We have been lucky to have secured some specific Key Worker funding throughout this period from the Big Bike Revival, National Lottery and the Cora Foundation. We are also very grateful to everyone out there who has donated bikes to us for refurbishment and loan to Key Workers.

What’s next? Currently we are engaged with delivering Bikeability at the Summer Key Worker Hubs being run by the Council’s CLD Youth services at Linlithgow, Bathgate & Livingston. As always, we continue our core work of bike servicing and repairs, loan of bikes including adaptive bikes, and inclusive cycling advice for all to benefit from.

Please continue to donate any bikes you no longer need, and don’t forget you can support us with a PayPal donation via our website. Thank you to everyone.

Thanks to Everton Vila for sharing their work on Unsplash

All ability cycling – James’s story

We’ve been delighted to loan out one of our adaptive bikes to a West Lothian family recently. James has been getting out and about on a Fun2Go side by side bike. Here’s what his mum Harriet has to say about the experience.

“James has complex autism and is non verbal. There are countless things he cannot do, but there are some he can do – cycling is one. However, he hasn’t the skills, yet, to cycle on two wheels.

Cycling for James is an excellent activity, it works groups of muscles he wouldn’t normally use, it’s great for his heart and lungs, helps to calm his sensory impairment and burns off some of that chocolate he adores!

It was lovely to be part of the community, lots of people were smiling at him and he was very happy, so happy he didn’t want to turn around! It didn’t matter that some joggers passed us, what mattered was we had a great family morning out and he’s already using his fingers to count down to his next cycle. Thanks very much to the bike library who were very encouraging and made it so easy to borrow a bike.”

This is what we love to hear! Thank you to James and his family for this story.

As always, anyone can get in touch to enquire about loaning one of our bikes. Stay safe everyone.

Big bike revival for Key Workers

The West Lothian Bike Library has been fortunate to obtain funding from the Big Bike Revival, Lottery and the Cora Foundation for our Key Workers project.

Key Workers of all categories can benefit from free services including:

  • bike maintenance and repairs
  • loan of bikes
  • bike equipment

Let’s keep Key Workers moving. Get in touch!

Updated appeal for adult bikes to refurbish

With the Covid-19 crisis ongoing, the West Lothian Bike Library is seeing a high level of demand for bikes from key workers who are struggling to get to and from work with reduced public transport levels.

We’d like to thank everyone who responded to our appeal for donations of adult-sized bikes in April. We’ve been able to refurbish a range of bikes, and help many key workers as a result. From the carer who had to walk 20 miles a day to visit clients, to the nurse who was having to leave home 3 hours early to get to their shift by public transport – the loan of bikes from the West Lothian Bike Library is helping people every day.

We still need more bikes as we now have a waiting list. We’re particularly in need of bikes for women. If you have a bike you no longer need, please consider donating it to the West Lothian Bike Library. We will refurbish it and then make it available for free as a loan to key workers during the current Covid-19 crisis.

You can donate your bike by getting in touch with us via our contact page and arranging a time to drop off the bike at our base in Livingston – or we might be able to pick up your bike subject to availability of transport. Please get in touch.

Photo by Caleb Bishop on Unsplash

Free bike hire for NHS and care workers

In these unprecedented times, we are receiving enquiries from key workers who are struggling with transport to and from work. Public transport services have been reducing in recent weeks in response to Covid-19 and not all workers have access to a car.

We are now offering free bike hire to NHS and care workers, for as long as needed. We have a selection of e-bikes and hybrids available, along with a limited supply of helmets and locks. All equipment is thoroughly cleaned before and after use and we have a social distancing protocol on site.

If you’d like to pick up a bike, please get in touch to discuss your needs and arrange a time for pick up. Please note we are open by appointment only at the moment. Get in touch via our contact form or email or call mobile 07724667321.

And a big thank you to key workers everywhere.