New bike for Christmas?

If your mail-order bike arrives flat-packed in a box, we can help!

Modern bikes are assembled on industrial mass-production lines and then boxed up and dispatched without being adjusted to suit the user or test-ridden. Someone else has to not only finish the assembly, but also grease the headset bearings, true the wheels and adjust the brakes and gears. Normally this would be the job of the bike shop, but when you buy a bike on the internet it misses out on this crucial stage of preparation and servicing, and arrives at your door in its factory box.

We offer two levels of bike assembly – we can assemble the bike fully, and we can also give it a basic service. We fit the wheels, pedals, handlebars, saddle etc.; adjust and tune the gears and brakes; check and torque all nuts and bolts; inflate the tyres; and do a full safety-check.

We also have a range of quality, recycled bikes for sale, for adults and kids.

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