Updated appeal for adult bikes to refurbish

With the Covid-19 crisis ongoing, the West Lothian Bike Library is seeing a high level of demand for bikes from key workers who are struggling to get to and from work with reduced public transport levels.

We’d like to thank everyone who responded to our appeal for donations of adult-sized bikes in April. We’ve been able to refurbish a range of bikes, and help many key workers as a result. From the carer who had to walk 20 miles a day to visit clients, to the nurse who was having to leave home 3 hours early to get to their shift by public transport – the loan of bikes from the West Lothian Bike Library is helping people every day.

We still need more bikes as we now have a waiting list. We’re particularly in need of bikes for women. If you have a bike you no longer need, please consider donating it to the West Lothian Bike Library. We will refurbish it and then make it available for free as a loan to key workers during the current Covid-19 crisis.

You can donate your bike by getting in touch with us via our contact page and arranging a time to drop off the bike at our base in Livingston – or we might be able to pick up your bike subject to availability of transport. Please get in touch.

Photo by Caleb Bishop on Unsplash