All ability cycling – James’s story

We’ve been delighted to loan out one of our adaptive bikes to a West Lothian family recently. James has been getting out and about on a Fun2Go side by side bike. Here’s what his mum Harriet has to say about the experience.

“James has complex autism and is non verbal. There are countless things he cannot do, but there are some he can do – cycling is one. However, he hasn’t the skills, yet, to cycle on two wheels.

Cycling for James is an excellent activity, it works groups of muscles he wouldn’t normally use, it’s great for his heart and lungs, helps to calm his sensory impairment and burns off some of that chocolate he adores!

It was lovely to be part of the community, lots of people were smiling at him and he was very happy, so happy he didn’t want to turn around! It didn’t matter that some joggers passed us, what mattered was we had a great family morning out and he’s already using his fingers to count down to his next cycle. Thanks very much to the bike library who were very encouraging and made it so easy to borrow a bike.”

This is what we love to hear! Thank you to James and his family for this story.

As always, anyone can get in touch to enquire about loaning one of our bikes. Stay safe everyone.